Services to Insurers

At GITCM we believe that working in partnership with insurers enables us to deliver a high quality yet cost effective service. We understand that policyholders demand the highest level of service from their insurance suppliers and we are on hand to help you deliver.

Benefits to the Insurer

  • A cost effective way of managing heavy claims workloads.

  • Being pro active with the policyholder in dealing with a claim is of benefit to their relationships with their customers and will reinforce a positive view of their experience with insurers.

  • We shall brief insurers on a regular basis and provide insurers with all relevant information to enable them to make an informed decision as quickly as possible.

  • Insurers will be able to place realistic reserves on claims at an earlier stage, and the claims will be resolved earlier.

  • We believe our approach would provide insurers with a clear insight of potential problems at an early stage.

Benefits to the Policyholder

  • The policyholder will be contacted within 24 hours of a claim being reported to us.

  • Our aim is to make the policyholder feel that they have their own in-house claims department taking the responsibility of managing the claim away from them.

  • Where possible, we shall establish the cause of the claim and history of any previous claims relating to the product and/or customer.

  • We will establish what contractual terms apply and how these were incorporated.

  • We will establish if the policyholder believes there is any reasonable defence to offer, and we would advise them if such a defence is likely to hold up.